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Monday, August 08, 2005

"Peace Mom"

Hey, what's up with this "Mother" who's camping out at "W"'s ranch?
While I certainly feel for her loss, perhaps her anger is misdirected. Maybe it's even a bit... overdone? Funny how she's all of a sudden, "running the circuit" in the MSM. Can you say "useful idiot"?
It seems like just last year, she was singing a different tune, basically praising the prez and even stating that he brought her family the "gift of happiness".
That was then, this is now.
Since then, more good men and women have died in Iraq.
Where soldiers die?
Who ever heard of such a thing?
Well, then there's the constant drumbeat of the LOSERS in Washington, who will do and say anything to get the President...even to the point of endangering our troops. This woman is hurting, and will continue to hurt probably for the rest of her life. And I feel for her. Soon she'll be seen with Michael, (I'm a fat pantload) Moore, and Jimmy the Jerk Carter planting flowers in Berkely!
The mother from Vacaville, CA has apparently been sipping the Kool-Aide at her local democrat clubhouse. 'Cuz now she appears to be from Vacantville. Suddenly ol' "W" is satan himself, and the cause of all ills on this earthly plane.
It figures. I'd like to know if she's from Nancy, (I'm a ditz) Pelosi's district...or maybe Dianne, (hey I'm a ditz too ya know) Feinstein's. My LORD those two are annoying. Uh-oh...can I say Lord anymore? Please don't tell the ACLUselsss.
Notice how there aren't a whole lot of "news" reports about parents who SUPPORT the President...and the war effort? No MSM bias here, no sir!
How 'bout doing a poll of ALL the families of ALL those BRAVE American soldiers who've given the ultimate sacrifice for their country. Let's see the results of an UNBIASED poll as to how they feel. Are they proud of their country and of their sons and daughters? Do they think that it's worth it, to sow the seeds of freedom in the Middle East?
THAT's a poll I'd like to see...and one that I'll accept as valid.
Enough with exploiting a grieving mother to further your attempts to bring down a President, and to undermine America's efforts overseas.
These creeps want another Viet-Nam catastrophe...and they won't stop 'till they have one.
It's the same players, the same tired arguements, the same freaks waving signs and marching against thier country. Only this time, if they win, we all lose.
And the beginning of "the end times" will be upon us...if they aren't already.


Blogger FAPIII said...

Good 'Rant' on this 'sucker-mom' who (belatedly) finds solice in attacking her son's commander and cause, not those who seek to use her and exploit his death.

I think the demo-connection has been underplayed and under-studied by the media. Leave it to the Bloggers to get it right!

This Mom spoke well of Pres. Bush when he first met her months ago ... then she was somehow 'discovered' by the Fonda-Left, who have cynically cultivated her tragedy and planted there dark seeds of bitterness and betrayal ...

08 August, 2005 11:53

Blogger Robert John said...

Even more importantly- does she realize that her hat does not match her dress?

10 August, 2005 19:14


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