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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Going to the dogs

Well, in line with yesterday's rant. What's PETA's stand on this little ditty?
It appears now, that after running low on little children and mindless Islamofascist drones to carry out their murderous plans, ("ahh Shatha, they blow up so fast"), the latest tactic by the insurgent scum in Iraq is to recruit dogs to carry their homicide bomb attacks.
Of course, we use dogs too. But ours are used to bark at predetors, look for explosives, bite the enemy, things like that. And at the end of the day, we pet them, feed them, let them sleep at our feet, and generally care for them.
You see, everyone likes dogs, whether they be for petting...or eating, (depending on your earthly region).
The difference being, our dogs come back to camp at night...alive.
My question is this. Are they told that 72 virgin bitches will meet them in doggy heaven, (unlike the current "virgin" bitches that meet their human counterparts in hell)?
And what does our favourite animal rights group have to say about all this? It's probably against the tenets of their faith to condemn something that ultimately kills American troops and makes Bush look bad.
My guess is that we'll hear nothing from PETA on this. They're too busy thinking up their next poster campaign. Rumour has it, they're considering a three-pronged approach this time...linking retarded children, cancer patients, and AIDS sufferer's with a cattle slaughterhouse. "Is their suffering any different"?
I'm not sure how many other groups they can piss off, but they're trying!
So, Suicide Bitches from Syria eh? Sounds like a Dino DeLaurentis movie in the making.
Expect soon: A rant from the Senate floor by our favourite teary-eyed traitor, Dick-head Durbin, (the turban) about how our evil, vicious, bloodthirsty, war-mongering, neo-nazi troops are targeting innocent dogs! Shooting the poor little pooches as they approach our convoys of death.
Talk about going to the dogs!


Blogger Robert John said...

For a long time, I have been sickened by the use of dogs for warfare. What a waste of dark meat.

10 August, 2005 19:04


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