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Saturday, August 13, 2005

The Great Movie

The Great Raid

Went to see The Great Raid http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0326905/ last night with my Dad, (a WWII Veteran himself). If you haven't heard about it, it's the true story of the most successful rescue in US Military history…a rescue of over 500 POW's from a Japanese camp in the Philippines.
(Come to think of it...why would anyone have heard about something like that)?
This movie is just one more example of why my Father's generation is called "the greatest generation". These were ordinary men, who did the extraordinary, with the expectation of no other reward, than to come home and get back to being ordinary Americans. With the aid of the underground and Philippine guerrillas, they accomplished a mission that had no military or geographical value...just to save a few men.
Flash to today:
Rescue...somehow I doubt it's a word that translates into Arabic.
This is a movie, that won't be nominated for any awards...we'll have none of that!
This movie won't get, and apparently hasn't gotten, any great reviews.
This movie likely won't bring in millions as a summer blockbuster.
Mirimax should be commended for putting out such a film...but they won't be.
None of that means that this movie shouldn't be seen. It should be required viewing by junior high and high school kids for history class, probably college too. Something tells me it won't happen.
Micheal-I-hate-America-Moore, and Dick-look at my turban-Durbin, should see this movie. Perhaps they'd change their tune. But again, I doubt it.
For some reason, maybe respect...maybe fear...Hollywood can still produce a war movie that doesn't make the American soldier look like a baby-killer...provided it's about World War II.
We get into Korea, or heavens no, Viet-Nam, and suddenly our troops are "conflicted". They're unsure of why we're there...or what our role should be. They have no comeraderie. They shoot women and children in drug-induced rampages through civilian villages of no military value. This is the Hollywood of today. One exception: We Were Soldiers. But then again, that wasn't really a Hollywood movie was it? That movie was made by that Christian-nutcase...Mel Gibson. We all know what he's about! Silly things like honour. God. Country.
Hint...See that movie too!
So. Should you buck the trend and go see this film?
Yeah. It'll do you good.
It'll remind you of where we've been and what kind of stuff we're made of.
It'll make you think twice the next time you hear some buffoon on the Senate floor comparing OUR troops to the Nazi's or Pol Pot.
And maybe, just maybe, the next time you go to a parade...and you see that old man...standing alone...saluting as the American Flag goes by?
You won't wonder..."what's he doing?"
No. This time, maybe you'll go up and thank him.


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