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Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Connecticut 612

It is truly fitting, that on Armed Forces Day, the Connecticut Vietnam Memorial was finally dedicated.

Displayed on what is now hallowed ground, in the little town of Coventry and not far from the resting place of Captain Nathan Hale, this memorial honors the 612 of Connecticut who gave their lives, so that others may live in freedom.

The day was clear, and the ceremony held under a cloudless blue sky.

At one point during the dedication a brisk wind picked up, just as the speaker was mentioning the 612.
I like to think that it was the spirit of those brave soldiers, uttering a universal sigh, that their sacrifice was finally being honored.
A wind of change, that whispered to the gathered crowd..."never again".

Captain Hale was standing shoulder to shoulder with the 612 today...
and all of them were smiling.

My congratulations to the people of Coventry, Connecticut. The students who started the project, the businesses who supported it, and the state and local officials who recognized the long overdue need to honor Connecticut's 612.

God Bless them all. And God Bless the United States of America!


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