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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Okay Folks...ENOUGH!

Don't mention the Ba-ssiah's ears.

Don't utter the Ba-ssiah's middle NAME!

Don't mention the Ba-ssiah's moo-slime upbringing.

Don't ask the Ba-ssiah for specifics.

"Hope" that the Ba-ssiah will grace you with his linguistic sales-pitch.

Faint at the site of the Ba-ssiah.

Pay homage to the Ba-ssiah.

Easter may be weeks away, but the Ba-ssiah is HERE...TODAY!

DO NOT ask the Ba-ssiah any questions that may require a non-scripted response!

DO NOT question why the Ba-ssiah's wife constantly whines about her lack of a "privileged" upbringing, (you know, like having to go to Princeton and Harvard and actually pay for it, etc., etc., etc.).

Just VOTE for the Ba-ssiah and all will be well!!!


How about "changing" the diaper?

It's really starting to stink.

"I serve the Messiah:
I know the Messiah;
the Messiah is a friend of mine.

Senator Barack HUSSEIN Obama,
you're no Messiah".

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