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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Don't mess with Joe!

Neddy Lamont.
He's a one-tune Tommie on the campaign trail..."the war is evil...but I support the troops", "I won't run away from controversy", (but I'll run away from Iraq). He's got the support of every lefty, moonbat fringe group in the country.
Now THERE'S a candidate that'll reach across the aisle to get things done!

His campaign has been one desperate lie about Lieberman after another. The latest being his support of the "Joe hasn't proved to us that he did anything for civil rights in the 60's" crowd.
Joe kind of slapped him down today...lucky Ned didn't get The Light Finger pointed at him!

And Ned's real believable when it comes to his history too...
His "man of the people" image...surrounded by the "troubled youth" that he gave a hand up to...give us a break Neddy. Do your kids hang with those kids?
His "built up my own business" bull. Yeah Ned, I guess if my grandfather were chairman of J.P. Morgan in their heyday, I might be a bit more able to "start from scratch" myself!
What a crock!
He sure can turn a profit too...once he's laid off a few hundred workers of course.
Oh, and the "I have no connection to King Lowell-the-lardo-Weicker", (who Joe Lieberman just happened to have kicked out of the Senate), routine is so transparent I believe that even the local self important radio moonbat Colin McEnroe doesn't believe that one!
Then again, he probably does.

Poor Ned. He's already blown over $9 million of his own money, countless party dollars and tons of other whacko-donations trying to smear the good name of a great Senator. And it ain't takin'!

It appears that Lamont's lament is that he has the spine of a Vichy government official, and maybe, just maybe people recognize it.
Today he has a commercial stating that he'll "be a team player for everyone in Connecticut"...he's sure doing a great job of uniting the people during his campaign!
Where does this guy get his ideas...Michael Moore??? (Well...yeah).
He's about as willing to "work with both parties" in the Senate, as Osama bin Hidin' would be in the Knesset!
And why does Ned always look like a deer caught in the headlights at the end of his commercials? My lord can anyone imagine this immature little weasel arguing for a sub base on the floor of the US Senate? I guess we could sell tickets just to look at him, but taking him seriously is a difficult task at best.
Neddy must really think that the voters in Connecticut are idiots...
well, I guess that about 51% of Connecticuts democrats are anyway!
His political ads are tedious and he comes across as the whiner he obviously is.
Maybe THAT'S where the money is coming from...a democrat winery!
He is NOT a candidate that will ever represent American patriotic values.
He is the candidate of the neuterati...see blog entry dated Tuesday January 24, 2006.
Ned thinks that he can buy a Senate seat from Connecticut. Let's hope that our good people don't buy his line of dribble. With any luck, his seat will be sent back to Greenwich post haste. Maybe he can get Ted (hic) Kennedy to give him a ride home!

It's bad enough that the democrat party turned their backs on Joe.
But then they allow this French-looking little upstart to call him a turncoat!
Hypocrite, thy name is democrat!

Besides, ol' Neddy may be able to blow millions on a smear campaign...but just look at the above picture...Joe can LIGHT the way!


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