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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

UNITED93 Opens - WAKE UP America!


In a matter of hours, the world as we knew it was gone...forever.
NEVER to be the same.
It's difficult to grasp, that almost 5 years have passed since that fateful day.
So much time. So many lives changed...utterly.
Some have said that it's too soon to screen a movie about the terror of September 11th, 2001...forever since to be known simply as "9-11". The day that 9-1-1 Emergency became a worldwide call to arms...a wake up call to all but those who consciously choose to remain in slumber. The war of our century had begun. It's not soon enough for this one!
There have been documentaries on television. Some very well done. Some seemingly thrown together for a quick buck. A mockumentary was even released in theaters by a bitter, bloated, propagandista for the hideous left. By a coward who wants nothing else but to bring down a President at all costs, and in turn bring down the very idea of America...he's as good as Goebbels at it too. So beware the rotund one...but that's another article for another day.
Today...April 28, 2006...1,688 days since our 21st century Day of Infamy, the first theatrical release of a story of American heroism, is on the big screen. There will be more, covering the many other heroes from that day. But today there's just one, about the plane that didn't make it to it's target. It's a movie about Americans doing what Americans do...fighting together and giving their lives to save others. The good of the many outweighs the good of the few.
And it's a good movie.
Do yourselves a favor and see it...this weekend.
Bring your family. Bring your friends.
Bring your children. Bring your neighbors.
Bring tissues.
And if you have the chance, go to this article,
and read the commentary by Todd Beamer's father.
Remember why we're in this war...DO NOT let the moronic sympathizers of Islamo-hate tell you otherwise...they're wrong...and they're dangerous.
See the brave passengers and crew. Brave AMERICANS. The stuff that's the fabric of this great nation. Watch them pray The Lord's Prayer to a loving God...a God who represents TRUE hope for all of mankind. Then watch as their vile reptilian counterparts pray their false bastardized version of "prayer". Watch these mind-numbed creatures mock the very idea of their "religion of peace". They pray as they prey.
Their objectives haven't changed since that day. Not. One. Bit.
KNOW this...they believe that we have but three "choices"...
Submit...Convert...or DIE. And they prefer we DIE.
Then go back and read Mr. Beamer's article again...and then again.
You might be inspired to write him a note of thanks. Thank him for being the kind of man he obviously is. Thank him for siring a son such as he had.
Never forget.
Remember who started this.
Never forgive...that's the job of a forgiving God...OUR God!
Remember the innocents.
Never surrender.
Honour the lives willingly sacrificed that day...and since.
Pray...OUR God hears us.
And we don't need to kill to make our God smile...or to be tempted by those "72 virgins".
(Besides, there's ONLY 72 ya know...ALL those ''homicide-bombers'' have to share them)!
Honor OUR fallen.
And Pray for our VICTORY...accept nothing less.


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