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Friday, February 24, 2006

For Whom the Bell Tolls...

I worry for the Democrats...really...I do.
Reasons? Well just look around!
Except for MaryJo Copechne, who can't speak about anything anymore. (Not since "the conscience of the Senate" left her for dead one drunken night oh so long ago).

I've recently been accused of walking "lock-step" behind the Republican Party.
Now let's first get this straight. Usually it's the Republican party that's lockstep behind ME!...got it?
And I don't ALWAYS agree with the Bush administration...if you've been reading any of my work. His border security/immigration policy is, well, awful at best. And I don't like the fact that he hasn't said in front of the U.N. General Assembly, "next attack by whacko Islamofascists on American soil?...Mecca gets vaporized"
It really should be in the hands of the Arab "leaders", these so-called "moderate voices of reason" in the Arab world, to police their own crazed maniacal mind numbed idiots. America has enough problems keeping Ali Gorba in check, let alone chasing Bin-hidin' anymore. Let's just lay it on the line. Pull another stunt like 9-11...pull a Madrid or a London on us???...or even think of throwing even a stink bomb in a schoolyard in the name of Allah?...then obviously you WANT a "holy war".
And if you WANT one, we'll give you one...first hit?...MECCA...gone!
Wanna play for Medina next?
Seriously, that would be my stated policy...but I'm just a pacifist at heart.
Why do I seem to always complain about the Demoncrats as I do?
Because they AREN'T Democrats! Not anymore.
Not real democrats.
Not AMERICAN democrats.

I grew up in a family of good, hardworking loyal American Democrats. People who were kind, caring, staunchly patriotic, and fair minded about everything, and toward anyone. I still have Aunt's and Uncles and cousins that are good Democrats...so there are some out there!
But the current leadership of the Democrat party just doesn't hold any of these traits, and it really ticks me off because it offends and degrades the memory of the GOOD Democrats that went before them.
THAT'S WHY I complain!
The last good Democrat in a leadership role was JFK, and his pudgy brother is a far cry from HIM. Hell JFK would be considered a conservative by todays standards, and his own brother would be calling for his public hanging!
The last good Democrats that are just "regular Joes" are somewhere in New Britain, Connecticut wondering who it was that hijacked their party!
When you have a party that is so filled with hate toward the President of the United States, that they're willing to openly show distain for the troops that are fighting during wartime, and you see and hear them actually AIDING and ABBETTING the enemy, you have a party that has lost it's soul.
It's not so much that I'm "all pro-Bush", and follow "lock-step" to the tune of the Republicans.
I DO support Democrats...Democrats that support AMERICA. But there just ain't that many of 'em left!
Joe Lieberman seems to be IT...and they hate him for it.
There's a group of whinning crybaby anti-war wimps in Connecticut that are trying to put up a candidate to run against Joe.
call him a Bush ass-kisser.
ONE Democrat that "gets it" in this war on terror, and they hate him for it.
Some party huh?
I just cannot fathom the blind hate that the Democrat party shows, and I will point it out at every opportunity I can to try and convince
GOOD Democrats to take their party back!
It may already be too late, but I think there's time, IF there are ANY democrats left with a spine strong enough to say
Maybe I just spend too much time actually listening and reading about what these people are saying about their own country... it's scary.
Please people. Read. LISTEN to what's coming out of the leaderships mouths. It is truly frightening. Just take a read here, (edited for length, not content), at what's happening in the Mid-West of all places:

A group recently started an ad campaign in Minnesota showing veterans and families of slain troops expressing their support for the Iraq war. The head of the state Democratic Party condemns the ads as "un-American, untruthful and a lie." He demands that television stations pull the ads. At least one station has complied with the request, which is reason enough for outrage.
The disturbing issue here is that Democrats are trying to silence a contrary point of view, and are doing so by calling soldiers and military families "un-American." Whenever Republicans attempt to counter antiwar sentiment, be it from the Cindy Sheehans or Paul Hacketts, Democrats shed crocodile tears over the "crushing of dissent." But this is what crushing dissenters actually looks like -- a smear campaign designed explicitly to keep the public from hearing the other side.
Fortunately, readers can see the ads for themselves at www.midwestheroes.com and decide what's so "un-American" about soldiers and families supporting the war.
Copyright © 2006 News World Communications, Inc. All rights reserved.

What a complete moron! This kind of blatent UNPATRIOTIC action is happening all over the Democrat party! It's almost criminal. And it's not an anomaly, it's become the norm...it's disgusting.
There's a popular bumber sticker seen on cars that are obviously driven by liberals. You know the type, "
Greenpeace" sticker, "Love makes a Family" sticker, "Bush Lied" sticker, "Kerry/Edwards" sticker, (two years after their defeat), etc, etc.
Anyway, this bumper sticker says,
"If You're Not OUTRAGED, You're Not Paying Attention" Well guess what democrats?...REAL Democrats that is...your current leadership gives that phrase a whole new meaning.
You know not for whom the bell tolls...it tolls for your party.
Life is too short to NOT try to save a once great party from being taken over by the enemies of America.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Something is wrong when the Senate Minority Leader, Sen. Reid refers to the President as a "loser" and the head of the party, Dr. Howard Dean states that because something is "widely reported" it is fact just so that he can blast the President.

Democrats remind me of the Monty Python skit about arguments. In the skit one of the arguers (sp?) claimed that an argument was just saying that the other guy was wrong - no reason need be given - no alternative viewpoint. Sounds just like the modern Democratic party.

What would really be great is if the Democrats would stop being the "party that just says no" to a party that wants to have meaningful dialogue and debate. I stopped believing in the Tooth Fairy long ago.

Glenn in the Peoples Republic of Md.

27 February, 2006 16:35


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