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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I'm INSULTED...Hey...Let's RIOT!

Oh my G_D!!!
I can't believe these "artists" had the gall to insult the Christian faith in such a horrible way!
The Virgin Mary plastered with elephant dung.

A Crucifix in a jar of urine.
(Did you KNOW this before I told you)?
Yup, I published these...Gee, ya think maybe a Bishop and a few Alter Boys will gang up and burn down my house now? Maybe torch some flags, and basically act like animals?
I don't.
OK. First things first.
Let's face it folks, the "Mary" picture looks like it was done by a 5 year old on an acid trip. (As much of this type of "art" does). And the elephant crap thrown onto it?...Well, that's just...Well...redundant.
The Crucifix shot? Hey, if that's this guy's urine, I hope he got to a doctor, fast after completing his "work". (Actually, I hope he didn't get to one, and suffered the kind of pain it appears he should have been suffering with urine that color)!
Yes. They're both tasteless, unless of course like the "artists", you're "into" scat!
I'm not going to publish the names of these "works". Nor will I dignify them by publishing the names of the "artists". They're jerks, plain and simple. And quite frankly, their "art" stinks...Literally. I'd ignore any exhibit of their "work"...Boycott it even.
But there's something that I just can't see myself doing. Nor can I see roving gangs of Catholics, or other Christians doing...
Burning buildings.
Chanting "Death to America" or death to whatever outhouse these schmucks crawled out from under.
MY religion has EVOLVED.
MY religion is CIVILIZED.
MY religion accepts man's right to be an idiot...Woman's too!
(Even if they don't have a black tarp thrown over them)!
MY religion believes in something called FREE-WILL.
We just outgrew acting like childish idiots who can dish it out, but obviously can't take it, way back in the 16th century!
We no longer need to give a big FAT-WAHHHHH every time we get "offended".
Maybe these "artists" will go to hell.
Maybe they won't.
That's not MY choice.
Maybe my fellow Christians reacted, or chose not to react when these vile works came out, (and were at least partially FUNDED by our government), because we belong to civilized society.
Maybe it's because, we're HUMANS...Not animals.
Where are the "voices of the moderation"?
Silent, as always...Just like they were silent on 9-12!
Offensive? You bet it is!
You figure it out.


Blogger J Walker said...

I think a point here is that, in Islam, figures like Mary and Jesus are held in high esteem. They would be just as unlikely to degrade these two figures as they would be to degrade Muhammad.

Another point would be to take a more realistic look at Christianity. Perhaps YOU are more evolved, civilized, accepting, etc....but "Christianity" isn't ENTIRELY that way. Likewise, much of Islam is evolved, civilized, accepting...just not ALL of it.

16 February, 2006 19:12

Blogger J Walker said...

Oh, and P.S. I have to second your "GO DENMARK!" I'm the biggest supporter of Free Speach and Press that you'll ever meet.

16 February, 2006 19:17


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