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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Shame Mom

I've come to the conclusion, that "Peace Mom" needs to be revisited. Just because "W" won't meet with her...again...doesn't mean that I can't revisit the issue!
I'm beginning to believe that her HERO son volunteered,
(that means... went on his own free will for you lefty liberal types), to serve his country, mostly out of raw patriotism...but quite possibly to also get as far away from his whacko mother as possible!
Unfortunately, it cost poor Casey his life.
If she can claim that "George Bush killed my son", then I or anyone else can make the connection that, "no sweetie, YOU killed him".
And now she's killing his memory. Typical liberal..."it's all about me".
That may sound a bit harsh, but it just might be closer to the truth than any of us realize!
Now it seems she's had to leave her ditch in Crawford to venture back to VACANTville, to tend to her own mother who's apparently suffered a stroke. My prayers are with the poor woman.
But has anyone considered the possibility that grandma may have suffered this attack due in part to the ravings of her lunatic daughter?
Her, (windy-Cindy's), constant face of the fringe being plastered on the nightly news for the past few weeks has got to be a strain on the sane members of her family!
Just look at the statistics:
Her other son has asked her to stop it and just come home.
Her husband has filed for divorce.
Other family members have stated that she doesn't speak for them.
And now her own mother has suffered a stroke!
And just wait 'till the ACLUsless finds out that she's putting CROSSES on personal property...horrors! (Notice no Stars of David by the way...no room for those dirty-jews in Windy's world).
But does Cindy care??? Hell no!
I've got to join my new friends and GET BUSH OUT!
Will it only be a matter of time before she goes on Michael Moore's site once again, to blame all of this on Bush? My Mother had a stroke because of the Jews and Bush!!!....BWAAAAA!!!! Or the old standby...
Karl Rove sent evil stroke-rays to my mother to get the heat off Bush!
I have no "feelings of pity" for this pathetic pawn of the criminals who want nothing more than to bring this country down. I'm supposed to, and at one point, I did. But not any more folks...and neither should you. I lived through Viet-Nam, and THAT's the ultimate goal for these whack-jobs...another one! Only this time, if we lose, the world loses.
She and her ilk will stop at nothing, and will say anything to further their twisted quest to "get Bush at all costs"...to the point of putting our troops at risk and undermining the winning war effort...they care not.
She has earned my contempt over the past week or so, and now she merits a whole chapter in my book of weasels...right next to France, and the U.N., Michael Moore, and the whole lot.
I guess that her being the mother of a fallen soldier has mystically given her the wisdom to now dictate foreign policy too. Suddenly she's an expert on the Middle-East! She alone knows best how to handle the Palestinian matter with Israel...
just get those hateful jews to stop dying on those buses that the poor Palestinians are trying to ride peacefully to work.
Never mind that Israel is our ONLY friend in the Middle-East.
Never mind that Israel is the ONLY democracy in the Middle-East...we'll have none of that!
Never mind that Hamas, (read: terrorists) are the driving force behind the Palestinian "authority".
I've BEEN there...on BOTH sides of the Sea of Galilee.
We want Israel to survive folks. It is the only ray of sunshine the area has going for it.
And the LAST thing we need is advice from the whacko left on that little policy matter.
They, (the American left) have truly become the anti-Semites of the new century...don't doubt me there.
And please, END the Peace Mom nomenclature already. The minute Sheehan said that she only seemed calm "because if I started hitting something, I wouldn't stop 'til it was dead", she lost her "Peace Mom" status! Got it?
I wanna meet with the President again...whaaaa!!!...and I'm gonna sit in this ditch 'till "that filth-spewer and warmonger" agrees to have tea with me! Yeah...OK.
Get over it whacko! Your cranium is windy...Cindy.
When you first say that the President of the United States gave your family the, "gift of happiness", and then a year later call him "that filth-spewer and warmonger", chances are he's not gonna have another "sit-down" with ya'll...and you're a bit over the rainbow.
Shame on her.
Shame on her "handlers".
Shame on the "Gold Star Mothers"...you mock the HONOR your fallen children have earned for you.
Pity the soul of her fallen-hero son Casey, for he was twice killed: first by terrorist murderers; then, his memory murdered again...by his own mother.
In my first post, I mentioned that Cindy, was a "useful idiot" for the left. In the past week, she's cemented her usefulness...to the Right...by proving the very idiocy of the left.
Thank you Windy!


Blogger Chris aka Phred said...

You pathetic LOSER!!
You can't come up with anything better than picking on the poor woman that has first lost her son and then her mind?

She's out there speaking so right wing wacko DERILICTS like you have something to spew about on a daily basis. Move on cupcake!

Your Little Bro

26 August, 2005 13:20


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