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Friday, January 20, 2006

It's alive...it speaks!

...he's baaaaack!

(or should we call him...

Ah, the New Year just wouldn't be the New Year without a diatribe from the gutless one...the cave dweller...the "brave leader" who sends boys to their death for his twisted cause.
As part of his latest, he offers us his recommended reading for the summer season.
If I were William Blum, I wouldn't rush right out and tell all my friends that "Osama recommended my book, OSAMA recommended my book"!
(But then again, that's probably a PLUS in Blum's circle)!
So everybody...run right out and get yourselves a copy! After all, it's a book written a year PRIOR to the atrocity that pig-laden brought upon America on September 11th. It's the same old liberal tripe...basically that America is evil, we export evil, we all deserve to die. Just the kind of stuff our enemies love to hear Americans say.
Go ahead...Osama says it's good readin'!
Do ya believe this guy?
He also tells us that our "increased security" has nothing to do with why they haven't attacked us again.
"Bush is lying to you"
Where have we heard that before?
Quick...alert John Murtha! Tell him he's got a mouthpiece outside of the U.S. that's just itching to join him for his next appearance on 60 Minutes!
Tell Howeird Dean we've finally found a theme for the mid-term elections!
"OSAMA AGREES WITH US" can be the slogan!
Hey. Ted (hic) Kennedy can add this latest clip to his re-election ads this year!
"Ah, ah, ah, see?...we ARE losing...Osama says so"

So...a truce huh?
Tell ya what, bin. Wrap yourself in bacon, crawl on your hands and knees through the broken glass of the World Trade Center pit, beg forgiveness from the families of EVERY victim of your attack on America, and then INCINERATE 3000 members of your family.
THEN. Maybe...we'll talk truceā€¦before your trial, and immediate execution.

Here's an open response from just one American citizen to your "offer".
Maybe you've become just a bit addled with our shaking up your cave in Tora Bora.
Maybe you're a bit rattled that every time you replace your "2nd in command"...we get to kill him!
Maybe you think that the average American actually listens to your pals over here...
You know 'em, Teddy Kennedy, Chucky Schummer, Dick Turbin, Murtha, Soros, Michael-the rotund-Moore.
(We don't).
Maybe you think we're as stupid as your blind followers who actually believe that there are
"72 virgins" waiting for them in "heaven", (instead of endless pain...in hell).

Earth to bin...
We will NEVER forget 9-11.
We will NEVER forgive 9-11.
We will NEVER give up in our quest to find you, and KILL you...hopefully, slowly.
YOU are EVIL, and all that evil is.
And you'll be enjoying porkchops for dinner before America accepts a "truce" with you!

Now be gone satan!


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