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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Long May It Wave !

Remember the weeks following September 11th, 2001, when we saw the AMERICAN flag almost everywhere?
I remember counting the cars flying it on the way to work one day...36...not bad.
That number doesn't include the amount I saw flying in front of homes and from rooftops everywhere.

Tomorrow has been dubbed, A Day Without Immigrants.
It should be more ACCURATELY called, a day without ILLEGAL immigrants. That IS the point they're trying to make after all, isn't it?

How about this: A DAY WITHOUT IGNORANCE. (Let face it folks, they have a pretty asinine premise to protest).
What we're really going to have is:
a day where a load of people, here ILLEGALLY, and their self-serving supporters, want to stick it to the American economy to show us how much we "need" them.
So let's get this straight. People who came here to "do the jobs Americans won't do", will NOT be doing the jobs that Americans won't do, to prove to us how much we need them to do those jobs...right?
The people who came here because "they deserve a better life", (AHEAD of the people who are LEGALLY waiting in line to come here for a better life by the way), will NOT be going to work, (for that better life)...right?
They'll be flying a FOREIGN flag.
They'll be signing a "new" National Anthem, in Spanish of course. (As if they don't have ENOUGH here that's in Spanish already).
They'll be DEMANDING that we IGNORE our own laws. (Laws are for chumps, dude).
They'll be waving American flags UPSIDE DOWN...unless their handlers can get them to be calm about it.
They'll be marching in the streets instead of going to school...(which WE pay for them to clog and use the resources of, that our LEGAL citizens DON'T get).
Hey...maybe we can get into an Emergency Room tomorrow and not have to wait seven hours!
The list goes on and on.
And anyone who denies that the list is real is part of the problem, NOT part of the solution.

So, what can AMERICANS do tomorrow?
What can LEGAL citizens do?
(You know, the people who do the jobs the illegals CAN'T do)?

Go to work.
Go to school.
And above all...
SHOP 'till you drop!
(Enjoy a day of hearing only ENGLISH spoken in Wal-Mart)!

And dust off those American Flags. The ones we used to fly on our cars.
Or BUY a new one! (You can get them in bulk these days for about 10 cents a piece complete with window bracket)!
Fly the flag!...the AMERICAN FLAG proudly!
Be PROUD to be an AMERICAN...
Remember and declare openly that yes...
Got it?


Blogger Chris aka Phred said...

Ya know, Monday was an awfully nice day. Started a new job, shopped at Wal-Mart and it was actually clean. The car audio department wasn't blasting Latin Rap or Mariachi music on all of the display radios. The clerks at checkout spoke English and I didnt have to interupt a story about her cousin Rosa's baby's daddy going to county for six months. My drive to and from work was at a nice brisk 60 Mph without one broken down rusted-out s-box with a needs smog by 06 sticker going 35 Mph in the fast lane. I could get used to this!

05 May, 2006 17:43


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