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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Kerry the Kreep!

As I sit writing this, I am listening to Lurch, er, John-foreskin-Kerry, (he was in Viet-Nam you know), belch out a vile insulting defense of his most recent defenseless act...the disparaging yet again, of American troops in harms way.

It is a valiant effort NOT to vomit as I listen in amazement to this French looking incontinent pantload speak.
It's like listening to Mr. Hankey!

This insect DARES to claim that people who are "attacking" his insults are those who never wore the uniform and stood post for their country.
He is wrong. (As usual).
I wore the uniform of the United States Air Force and stood in harms way for my country, as did many of the people who today, once again, are disgusted by this vile, yellow-bellied, war protesting disgrace to the uniform. My three brothers, and my father are all military veterans, each from a different branch. ALL of us were college educated. Hardly the "stupid" that you claim get "sent to Iraq". You insult us all with your condescending pap. You sir have no honor.
How many Purple Hearts are you up to today John? Got a sliver? Get a heart!

He wants to debate a real military veteran? (Yeah, unlike himself). We'd love to debate you John, but the legions of veterans out here in the real world would sooner casually sip on a chalace of dog-vomit than even sit next to your useless, treasonous, enemy butt kissing, gold-digging, sorry excuse for a human carcass, let alone debate you on the HONOR of serving their country! What a pathetic joke you are.
You defame America.
You defame our troops.
I DO question your patriotism!
You are a tool of the enemy...(and also, just a tool).
I question your moral compass.
I question your ability to be a patriot!

PLEASE John, just SHUT UP! You hated and lied about your fellow troops during Viet-Nam. Now you're back at it again during this war! You sir, are not a man. You are, quite simply, a pox on this great country.

Patriots are livid that you have the gaul to make such a feeble attempt to defend your latest slam against the good people of our Armed Forces. "I was talking about the President" As if THAT is an acceptable excuse to begin with! What a moron.
You directly and intentionally insulted the American fighting force, as has become your norm. We know it. They know it. Everyone who heard and saw you knows it. (You see Johnny, we're not as stupid as you imply).
You apologize to no one? You sir are spineless. Grow up already!

Now that you've committed to defending your statements rather than apologizing for them, go back to your import hag of an heiress and sit this one out you arrogant toad.
You "apologize to NO ONE"???

Your only saving grace may be that your verbal secretions may energize the sleeping opposition into getting out to vote your ilk OUT of office a week from today.

Perhaps God will forgive you. But thinking Americans will never forget.

Good day.


Blogger Chris aka Phred said...

Oh yea, this version is much more civil. Now look at it from the right prospective: John Kerry - The Republican October Surprise!


01 November, 2006 06:21


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