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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Your new masters have arrived...

Well, the people have spoken. Although it's apparent that not all of them were human.
Behold our new
<--- Speaker of the House, and her direct report. --->
Perhaps had a few more Americans gotten out to vote, Osama would not be sipping Dom Perignon, smiling and eating caviar with his pals today.
But, this is a democracy...if we can keep it.

On Tuesday night, and throughout Wednesday I went through the various levels of despair.
Now I'm over it. Time to "let the healing begin". Yeah.

So, what do our new leaders offer to placate the masses with?
Here's a partial list:
* No more Christmas...there's a new sheriff in town...
We'll all be celebrating The Mid-Winter Solstice Celebration of the Evergreens.
* We'll all be SET for retirement, for god the mother will assure our social security forever.
* Taxes will be ONLY for the RICH!
* Slaves will finally get their "reparations".
(Who cares if there aren't any slaves and that they were freed by a Republican 150 years ago...the Reverend Jesse wants his pound of flesh...and kickback).
* No more pollution!
* No more pesky pregnancies...abortion on demand!
Trimesters? We don't need no stinkin' TRImesters!
* Christopher Reeve will WALK again!!!...(Whoops).
* OK...ummm...Parkinsons will be cured! That's it!
* Global warming will be a thing of the past! Kyoto here we come!
* A Prius in every Rainforest!
* No more nasty hurricanes!...or victims of them!!!
* Our troops will be home from Iraq, (Bush's war), by "the holiday"!
* The terrorists will leave us alone once we leave them alone! No more provoking Al Qaeda!
* Maybe Windy-Cindy Sheehan for U.N. Ambassador. (The terrorists don't like Bolton).
* Finally we'll have a draft so that those rich kids'll have to fight!
* All the world will begin to love us once again. We'd like to teach the world to sing! (Kumbaya)
* Maybe we'll even IMPEACH the wartime President for defending the nation and making the terrorists angry with us!

* All will be happy in Whoville.

The Demoncrats are back from exile to save us from Halliburton
and the evil that is all things Republican!
Yea! The Democrats will save us all!

My GOD! Ooops...(soon to be banned as "hate speech").
My Supreme Androgynous Being!

Who's to blame?
Well. I hate to say this, but who first comes to mind is our arrogant Conservative friends.
(Or, idiots as I call them).
The "we'll show them a thing or three" crowd that decided to teach Washington a lesson, by staying home on Tuesday...smooth move! (Again, idiots).
Kind of like burning down your own house to get rid of a rat!

Might want to regroup for '08...if we still have a nation left.
Never mind that the demoncrats had to run more candidates that looked and sounded like Republicans than ever before in order to win...they did it!
Now they're here.
And getting rid of entrenched demoncrats will be like trying to get John Kerry to shut-UP.

No terror attacks since 9-11 on American soil...over five years.
Big deal.
bombed the trade center...we all know it!

Will the new protectors of the homeland keep the record going? I think not.
What I fear...
is that the pleased Palestinians...the happy Hamas...the orgasmic Osama's...
you know, the liberals, have learned and learned well.
Rejoice, for America has gone the way of Spain!
Show 'em some blood, and they'll cower at your feet!

Can you say S-O-M-A-L-I-A-?

The time for the enemy to test the new regime won't be to far down the road...
maybe even by "the holidays".
And America will have to respond...won't we?

Will the "it's time for a change" crowd be up to the task? We'll see.
In the meantime. REAL Americans had better get a grip and be prepared.
The war on terror just got a lot more terrifying.

The new sheriff in town had an iron fist when it came to seeking and obtaining power.
But her party has a limp wrist when it comes to defending America.

The democrat party doesn't exactly have a great reputation for having testicular fortitude.
As a matter of fact, I think that FRANCE could take them!

So, Speaker Pelosi, it's time to remove the war paint and get down to governing.
That means protecting ALL Americans...not just your moveon masters!

Go ahead...prove me wrong.


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