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Monday, September 29, 2008

The Brave 226

217 votes needed to PASS this crap-sandwich.

141 Demon-rats voted Yea

94 Demon-rats vote NAY

That equals 239...geniuses

MORE than enough
to pass the damned thing

American err, Republican, voting for it.
And yet...AND YET!!!! "It's the Republicans fault that it failed"!!!
Nancy Pee-lousy,
Dingy Harry Reid,
Chris (waitress-sandwich) Dodd,
Barney (where's the guy strippers?) Frank,
couldn't get enough of their OWN people to swallow this load of crap.

You'd think Barney Frank would be apt at coaching some of his colleagues on how to swallow a load.
But NOOOO...it's the Republicans' fault!
SEVENTEEN TIMES in the past few years, the evil Bush administration has tried to get tighter regulation of Fannie/Freddie. Each time shot down by the same slimes that are blaming them now.


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