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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

'Nuff Said

This is CHRISTmas folks...
let's not forget those who ensure our ability to still call it that.

That's all.

I wish you all a wonderfully Happy
mas, Hanukkah,
and coming New Year.

And no, I DIDN'T "forget" to mention the other numerous wanna-be,
tag along "holidays" that have been made up or "included"
over the past few years.
If they were REAL, (or worth mentioning), I would have.
But let's face it folks, the
REAL reason for the season is

and CHRIST being born a Jew, living as a Jew,
and dying a Jew,
warrants respect for the

Hebrew holiday

but THAT'S IT...

the rest of ya'll can go celebrate in June!

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