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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Ranks of the Insane

"The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane."
-—Marcus Aurelius

Perhaps old Marcus was gazing into a crystal ball at last night'’s democrat primary in Connecticut when he came up with that little quip of wisdom.

And by ranks of the insane standards, we ain't seen nothin'’ yet!

With a primary campaign that was marked by vicious, racist, and anti-Semitic charges against "“the conscience of the Senate", the party of diversity and tolerance is about to let loose the lions on this Jew who has the gall to stick to his principles and not bow to the "“hate Bush at all costs", (even the security of America) crowd.
After all folks, there's just no room in the BIG TENT democrat party for people with principles...not anymore!
I can hear them chanting now...

Now I'’m no fan of a lot of Joe'’s positions. In fact, the first time I voted for him was as a protest vote against King Lowell. (Weicker-the-Wanker...and he still is one), who after being beat by Lieberman, went on to scr*w each and every citizen of Connecticut for taking away his coveted Senate seat.

You see, King Lowell-the-Large went on to run for Governor of this blue state on the campaign slogan, "“implementing an income tax would be like throwing gasoline on a fire"”. I believe it was under the
A Connecticut Party
, (ACP) banner. Ironic that ACP are also the initials of the American Communist Party huh? He was promptly elected by people foolish enough to trust him! (Useful idiots)?
He then paid us back by immediately implementing the dreaded tax he was elected NOT to impose! But hey, he was King Lowell-the-Large...perfection unto himself!
That'll show the silly nutmeggers to throw MY overly plump posterior out of Washington!

Anyway, I ended up actually liking Joe Lieberman, and have voted for him ever since.
The only time Joe didn'’t get my vote was the only time he compromised his own integrity and ran with Ali-Gorba, (of the Tennessee Gores). Had Joe been at the TOP of that ticket, it may have been a whole different ball game.
But the TOP of the ticket is no place for a Jew
...not in the party of diversity and tolerance.
We just want your votes, not your moral compass!

So Joe is now attacked by his own party, (egged on by Large Lowell the Loser by the way),
just a few years after serving as their own Vice-Presidential candidate...
after 18 years in the Senate...
after countless votes right down the democrat party line...
and with over 30 years of friendship and trust with fellow democrats,
he is now a pariah.
What a surprise. Remember, Algore chose him not for of his integrity, but because of his religion. Can't you hear them in their back rooms?...
We NEED the Jew vote
Now Joe's religion is used to crucify Joe.
Yes, crucify. How apropos.

By his own party "operatives"...
Joe has been portrayed in blackface.
"The kiss" has been a campaign yoke around Joe's neck
...heaven forbid a Senator get along with the sitting Commander in Chief!
He's been called a tool of the Israeli government...and other slurs I just won't repeat.
He's been vilified...NOT by Republicans...by DEMOCRATS!

I certainly hope Joe doesn'’t forget this WHEN he goes back to the Senate with the help of people who respect his integrity, and understand that it'’s more important to protect America, than to "“get Bush"”.

The party of diversity and tolerance"” is a lot like the "religion of peace"” these days.
The loony left is now speaking for the entire party, just as the whacked out throat-slitters have taken over the "“RoP"”. In both cases, the sane members of each group had better get a grip on reality...soon...and come to the rescue. Or both will face an equal fate.
How did that cute little essay go?...
First they came for Joe,
and I said nothing,
I was not a Joe...?

What we witnessed in Connecticut last night was not the birth of a new, stronger wing of the democrat party...anything but. It was disgusting.

We witnessed the birth of the Party of the Panderers, (The PoP).
The Appeasers Party, (TAP).
Modern day Neville Chamberlain Party, (The NCP).
A New Vichy Government, (NVG).
Oh what the heck...The FRENCH party!

What we witnessed were dying gasps from the party of Truman and Roosevelt, Humphrey and Kennedy, (J.F. Kennedy, not fat-boy).
Alas, the democrat party of my grandmother, my mother, my aunts and uncles has been dying for quite some time.
And now it's really beginning to stink.
No longer are they strong defenders of the people, and patriots with simply a different point of view. With the disgusting dirty tricks, degrading anti-Semitic slurs, and downright viscious commercials of the past few days, coupled with the immediate backstabbing of the last decent man in the party hierarchy, we can expect more of the same, not less.
The cancer is stronger in these ones.
They taste blood.
It is nectar to their lips.
Last night was Lemont's first shot at those 72 virgins...he'll want more.

The Honorable Democrat Party?
Rest in Peace, worthy old adversary.
Rest in Peace old foe.
Along with your death dies your honor.
Your virtue.
Your respect.


Kim Komando, America's Digital Goddess