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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Saint Mary-Jo Day

MaryJo Kopechne
Patron Saint of Keeping Ted out of the Oval Office

I've had the "Sunday Mornings News Shows" on all morning, and have yet to hear ONE WORD about the FORTIETH ANNIVERSARY of Teddy the terrible two-ton pantload killing this beautiful young woman. Go figure.

Cape Cod Today captures the "event". But I ain't seein' much else anywhere else.

This day should be forever remembered as
MaryJo Kopechne Day.

he Patron Saint of keeping Ted from EVER being President should be forever praised.
She gave her live (though not willingly), to keep that fat, drunken, pompous, addled, pantload OUT of the Oval Office for the rest of his.
(But this of course, is an insult to fat, drunken, pompous, addled, pantloads everywhere).

God Bless her eternal soul...and damn his forever.

There is an article in Newsweek...(vile publication as it is),
By Edward M. Kennedy

Kim Komando, America's Digital Goddess