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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Will our NEXT President PLEASE skip the "poet" crap???

Or should I say, crappy "poet"?
Barely literate, crappy poet anyone?

Did this dolt purposely end sentences in prepositions, ("...inside of"),
or is she simply the product of a good ol' publik edjukayshun?
Yale anyone?
Robert Frost where are you when the nation truly needs you?

My LORD...what was this twit thinking?
Here, as my humble honor of The One, I submit...
(ohhh I do hope that it's "deeeeep" enough)...my entry into the Obamanicompoop essay contest.

I broke wind. For the wind is colorblind.
But not the wicked Katrina wind.
This was the wind of hate and racism.
And the foul stench of my wind was that of the Katrina wind.
But it was not. This was my wind.
And it's color was that of a thousand winds of color.
A diversity of wind and the colors of the rainbow shall never pass my cheeks.
For my cheeks are the cheeks of the white devil,
and wind from my cheeks is forever hot,
and bleak,
and poison.
But the wind that passes from The One
is all fragrant, all colors, all consuming in its aire.
And we, not me, are one...with The One.
He is of good.
Sniff...sniff the essence that is passed from the cheeks,
the brown cheeks,
of The One.
Brown is the color of all colors together.
But not white.
Praise the brown cheeks of The One,
and inhale deeply his passing wind.
His wind is never broken.
It is good.
His wind is that wind inside of.

God help us all.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

...speaking of PIGS

can tell me that this festering sack of feral fecal matter
DOESN'T look like...a PIG!
Sorry folks but I just can't help it...

In actuality, he IS one of the most despicable "human" beings ever to
fowl the fair hallways of our nations capital.
And on this, the coldest day of 2009, he, (it), has spoken, (grunted) that "he will move 'quickly and decisively' to push legislation curbing "greenhouse gases" with a goal of passing climate legislation out of his committee before Memorial Day".

What a tool!

Global "warming" my ass Mr. Wack-man!!!
He is simply a shiver, looking for a spine to run up. (1)

Pig-man of the Congress!

Please stand outside for 30 minutes and do us all a favor!
Pukes like you and AlGore are part of the PROBLEM.
They never open their mouths without
subtracting from the sum of human knowledge. (2)

And will ONLY offer stupidity, higher taxes, and bigger government as the "solution".

When will he and his ilk kindly piss off???

(1) - Paul Keating
(2) - Thomas Brackett Reed

Monday, January 05, 2009

Dirty Harry

"Dingy Harry" Reed - He is not only dull, he is the cause of dullness in others. (1)

Racist Pig

Hey Harry...newsflash!

Burris was appointed by a sitting Governor, who has suspicions but NO CHARGES against him.

Blago has NOT been indicted.

Blago has NOT been impeached.

Blago is STILL the Governor...highly controversial, and certainly "tainted"...but he IS still the Governor!

I understand that the law means nothing to such an arrogant old turd such as yourself Harry, but...the LAW says that the Governor appoints the replacement here, not "with the approval of some high-holy 'white guy' leading the Senate".

I can hear YOU in the Senate cloakroom now..."It's bad enough we've got a black guy moving into the White House. We finally got him out of the Senate and I'll be damned if I let another one back into our club"!

YOUR party decided that they didn't want a special election...for fear that maybe a dreaded Republican would get in. (Like that's about to happen in Illinois...fools).
YOUR party is holding back what would be the ONLY black Senator from taking office.
What are we to think? HMMM??? Hypocrites!

Dirty Harry...

Let SENATOR Burris into the Senate you racist pig!

(1) - Samuel Johnson


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