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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

It has begun...again.

Before I even get started I just want to make this one observation.
IMAGINE the STENCH on the National Mall this past weekend!
These types aren't well-known for their hygiene.

Okay now, on with the rant!
They were out in force this past weekend.
The usual suspects...and their offspring, their litters, their spawns
...their former nonviable tissue-masses!
Although all could not make it...Abby Hoffman (now simply known as "peat"), just couldn't, like, rise up, for one more protest...they did have the Queen of anti-war harlots, Hanoi-Jane Fonda, as well as her wanna-be clone, windy-Cindy Sheehan! Code-Pink, A.N.S.W.E.R., World Socialists, United for Peace, (Untied for Defeat), Veterans for Peace, (just to add some "we're for the troops" color to the mob), Anarchists, ACLUseless, Greenpuss err, peace.
You know the mob.
You can tell by the smell that they really weren't that well.
So what do they want this time?
Same as the last time.
United States OUT of __________ (fill in the blank).
These people aren't happy unless the United States is bent over saying, "put it right here". Oh yeah, there was the obligatory "rainbow flag" scattered about too.
(Of course, when was the last time you saw a "Pride Parade" in an Islamic country?)!
So. Washington has not seen a protest the likes of this since the Viet-Nam war! Yeah, the LAST time this sorry group of ungrateful malcontents did their level best to defeat freedom and defend totalitarianism and the mass killing of innocents!
How many signs said: "BRING THE TROOPS HOME NOW!!!"?
(So we can spit on them all at once).

Well that really makes sense!
Of course, it likely IS what they want.

What happened when we left Viet-Nam?
Khmer Rouge.
The killing fields.
Re-education camps.
Mass slaughter.

Not a whole lot of massive protests took place on the National Mall when those things were going on!
It seems that these cretins only crawl out of the woodwork when America is fighting and dying to bring freedom and democracy to a nation.
Communism, and Socialism, and Islamo-fascism has destroyed more countries and kept more people in poverty and misery than any other form of governing. Look around the world and see where people are miserable.
Then look and see where people are FREE.
Chances are, the FREE countries, where people can better their lives and are free to do so, are...what a surprise...DEMOCRACIES!

What we saw in D.C. was only the beginning.
Although certainly not the first time since this war began, the first reported anti-troop action took place at this "peaceful, support the troops, bring them home" march.
A young Iraq war veteran who lost a leg while in defense of his country and the good people of Iraq, was spat upon. Another surprise!
The peaceful, tolerant, celebration of diversity showed it's true colors...
and it wasn't a rainbow folks...it was the color of hate.
Black as the soul of the vile animal that chose to spit.
Sound familiar? Remember the troops returning from Viet-Nam. They too were routinely spat upon and called baby-killers.
I remember.
My brother was one of them.
It's only a matter of time. They've already tried to disparage the entire military via Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, Haditha, and Fallujah. It didn't take...not yet. But time will tell. We now have a Congress happy to accept calling our troops Nazi's, and claiming that Abu Ghraib simply reopened under "new management".
The winds of change are indeed blowing.
This weekend was just the first big, anti-war rally.
There WILL be more.
They WILL get worse.
And have no doubt, if "Support the Troops...bring them Home" doesn't work, blaming them will become more and more the norm.
Hey, it worked during 'Nam!
Take a good look at the footage. READ some of the posters and their vile messages. Look at some of the "people" marching...the self described "anarchists" who spray-painted slogans on the Capital steps. These people aren't interested in "peace", and "harmony", and "diversity" and all that crap.
They want now what they wanted in Viet-Nam...the defeat of America in war.
Who cares what happens afterwards.
Is this what we want deciding policy?
I'll go ahead and say it...
They ARE anti-American.
They ARE UN-Patriotic.
They ARE for the defeat of America.
And don't let them fool you.
They are NOT "for the troops".

Oh...and boo-freakin'-hoo to all you libs if you're "offended" by my saying it...
It's the TRUTH...something you rarely delve into.

For quite some time throughout the land we've heard the call,
"We can't have another Viet-Nam"

I'll join the call.
Let's NOT have another Viet-Nam.

Let's actually decisively WIN this one!


Thursday, January 18, 2007

Funny huh?

Odd isn't it?
He doesn't look Manchurian.

Ahh, but fear not my lib friends. Rumour has it, that good ol' Hil has a little ride planned for Osama-bama-bong-hit...through Fort Marcy Park!
Problem solved!...just like the old days.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

What's the Holdup???

Will ya PLEASE just
DIE already???

Kim Komando, America's Digital Goddess